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quinta-feira, 24 de junho de 2010

PPEL - Unit 4: Final Report on Task 2

Unit 4 - Final Report...

Review of my three LO's...

Bering in mind this task, I was asked to create a Learning Module where I would publish and present the revision's of my three LO's.

So here is my Learning Module...

For the first unit, I prepared a Learning Object in Toonlet and I published it on my blog on The Theory of Cooperative Freedom, its advantages and the most relevant characteristics. It was the first time that I worked with Toonlet and it fascinated me… for improvement, a colleague suggested putting it smaller, but due to the blog’s format it was not possible, another suggestion, this time by Professor Paulsen, was to write as shorter introduction to it at my blog which I hope to have completed successfully.

Here is my introduction to it:

Regarding the first LO I decided to do it using Toonlet because I saw professor Paulsen’s work and I found it an interesting, appealing and – at first sight – a light and concentrated reading of the Theory Cooperative Freedom, its ideas and implications. I enjoyed working with Toonlet and I found it an excellent and challenging tool. Regarding the final work, I may say that in overall it fulfilled my expectations and I hope that in the future it may become a good resource for further students and researchers that wish to know more on the Theory of Cooperative Freedom.

For the second task of unit 2, I decided to present and LO regarding Online Teaching Techniques and Web 2.0. The original LO that I presented was elaborated using several tools, namely Powerpoint, Toonlet, Video Converter and finally Youtube to publish it.

The making of this LO was challenging and it took a lot of time to prepare it, for I had some difficulties in converting the Powerpoint presentation to video. Nevertheless, once the final product was achieved, the result did not satisfy me completely for, as Professor Paulsen well pointed out, in some situations the text was hard to read and in some cases it was hard to digest all the information, but no matter how hard I tried it was very difficult for me to improve it. So, I after the its presentation and once I got the feedback on it, I started to think on ways to improve it…I exchanged ideas with some colleagues – and I thank them for their input because it was decisive – and the final version of the LO finally arise. This last version was done using all the tool previously mentioned, but instead of the Video converter I used Windows Movie Maker, as it was well suggested by a colleague, and once the video was done I used again the Youtube to publish it.

I hope you find this version better because in fact the images are clearer, the text is easier to read and to understand and in overall it satisfies me a lot. My thanks to my colleague (!) and here is the updated version…

For the LO of the third unit, Professor Paulsen made some suggestions, namely writing the storyboard of the LO and also changing the background music for another one more calm. I found these suggestions very pertinent, because they indeed improve and contribute to the understanding of the presentation. In the end, I also did another change…I expanded the time of some slides so that the reading becomes more comprehensive and as the colleague, that reviewed it well pointed out, I also put the letters bigger. I hope you will find these changes as worthy as I did and thank you all for you feedback!

GoAnimate.com: Transparency and cooperative learning by marinampel04

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

Here is the storyboard of my LO…


This is Gerson Branco. He is a Brazilian journalist aged 32. Gerson wants to take a MA but he doesn’t know where.

It has to be a distance learning course because he is always travelling and he doesn’t have a lot of time.

This is Vera Silva. She is a Portuguese primary teacher aged 30. She met Gerson 10 years ago and they keep in touch thanks to Skype.

Vera – I’m taking an online MA at Universidade Aberta – a well known Portuguese University. It’s great! It promotes transparency and cooperative learning between students.

Gerson – Transparency? Cooperative learning? What do you mean?

Vera – Transparency means that you are able to see and follow your colleague’s work and they can also see and follow yours within a learning environment. In short, you can see others and others see you, clear?

Gerson – I understand what you mean. That’s very interesting.

Vera – Yes, it is. Transparency gives insight into each other actions and it is a unique characteristic of social networking services.

Gerson – Ok. That is also clear to me. What about cooperative learning?

Vera – Cooperative learning also takes place in networks. It encourages both individual flexibility and the affinity to a learning community.

It has an important objective within a learning community because it supports consciousness and awareness of the activities of others. It is very important to online education.

Gerson – I see what you mean. That is also very useful. But about transparency…How far does it go?!

Vera – Are you referring to the limits of transparency?!

Gerson – Of course!

Vera – Transparency must be handled carefully bearing in mind privacy issues.

Gerson – That is right! So, how far does transparency go?

Vera – You create your presentation with the necessary basic information about yourself to initiate and maintain communication online.

Gerson – What do you mean by “necessary basic information”?

Vera – Your name, a photo, e-mail address, telephone number, chatting identities, some geographical information (zip codes for example) in case of an eventual face-to-face meeting…

Gerson – Oh…ok! That’s what you mean!...

Vera – Good! Now is everything clear?

Gerson – Clear as water!!! Thank you very much Vera!!!

Vera – Glad to help you Gerson my friend and new colleague! It’s good to have you on the winning team!!! See you online!

Gerson – I will go to their homepage and get information right now! I’m so happy!!!


In conclusion...

The making of these LO’s was very significant to me, because I was able to get in touch with new realities and I enjoyed a lot in doing these activities.

At first, I may say that it was a little complicated, but as I am a persistent person, I kept trying and felt happy with the final products and their revisions.

This activity was extremely enlightening and challenging…it had an important impact in my experience as an e-learner and it helped me in systematizing the contents learnt and also in interiorizing them.

Thank you all for making it possible! @@@

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